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Undergraduate research credit:
Our aggie-luc screen was specifically tailored for undergraduate students. We welcome motivated undergraduate students to join us to dissect plant immune signaling. The students could register BICH/GENE491 for research credit.


Undergraduate students:
Vincent Provasek, Mary Rodriguez; Alexander James Griffith, Annalisa Isidora Torres, Kaira Adriana Church, Duyen Tung Vu, Jasmine Lache Irvin, Adedayo Olumuyiwa Okanlawon, Stephanie Fay Yamashita, Lu Yu, Allen Shuai Zhang

Previous undergraduate students: Ana Márcia Escocard; Ana Cardenas; Anna Hu; Sunny Liu; Taylor Orr; Jennifer Schubert; Yuan, Eva Ivette; Mashroor Jahan; Nimran Syed Ali; Farhan Hasin Islam; Andrew Edward Snodgrass; Stephanie Stryker; Elio Male; Simone Clarissa Goines; Alexander Eliseo Vega Gonzalez;Chris Chung On; Sara Elizabeth Powel; David Whitmarsh; Robert C. Britt; Jae Won Choi ; Jun Liu; Silas L. Adams; Brant Skinner.


Aggie Research Scholars Program:
2014 Fall: Vincent Provasek (leader, Department of Biochemistry &Biophysics)
2014 Summer: Vincent Provasek (leader), Kathleen Chappel, Briana Lindsley, Tiffany Mao, Aman Walla
2013 Summer: Taylor Orr (leader), Vincent Provasek, Matyndia C. Cisse, Danielle L. Young

Aggie Research Scholars 2013

Aggie Research Scholars 2013

ASPB SURF Program: 

Vincent Provasek was the receipt of ASPB 2014 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) with the project “Genetic Dissection of Arabidopsis Genes Governing Immune Gene Expression (Aggie)”


REU Program:
Bradley Schick (Concordia University, Nebraska, 2013)
Antoinette Harris (Tuskegee University, 2013)
Ali.S. Kianinejad (University of Texas at Brownsville, 2012)
Abbey Babinet (University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2011)
Laura Anissa Requenez (Texas A & M University, Corpus Christi, 2010)
Juan Sanchez (University of Texas, Pan America, 2009)
Kevin Babilonia Figueroa (University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, 2009)


Summer Green Immunology Workshop:
We offer a one-week Green Immunology Summer Course sponsored by NSF. The aim of this summer minicamp is to provide research and education opportunities for motivated undergraduate students, particular students from Hispanic Serving Institutions in the Texas Rio Grande Valley.

2014 Attendees:
Aline Trejo, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
Gabriel Diaz, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
Merlin Herrera, University of Houston Downtown
Leah Mulkey, University of Houston Downtown
Mary Rodriguez, Texas A&M University College Station
Allen Zheng, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
Lu Li, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
Organizers: Vincent Provasek, Kevin Cox

 Green Immunology Workshop 2014Green Immunology Workshop 2014

Green Immunology-2015

Green Immunology Workshop 2015

High school Students:
We also welcome high school students to join our lab for research experience and Summer Green Immunology Workshop. For information how to apply, please contact Dr. Ping He.

DUKE TIP Summer Course 2009

DUKE TIP Summer Course 2009

Thomas Hsu (Clements High School, Sugarland, TX)
Cassie He (A&M Consolidate High School, College Station, TX)


Funding: NSF, TAMU, ASPB


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